The fancy is indeed no other than a mode of memory emancipated from the order of space and time

- Samuel Coleridge

Stephen Hawking once suggested that the absence of tourists from the future constitutes an argument against the existence of time travel. Imagine you can be one of those first tourist pioneers and experience a voyage in time within the walls of the only Knights of Rhodes Monastery in Portugal. Imagine being a part of a foreign embassy in pilgrimage, seeking bed and board in the nunnery. Within your ranks, the most illustrious minds of XVI/XVII century Europe.

The Monastic Dinner is a clash between scientific thought and historical monastic cuisine, where the heavenly pastries of the sisterhood take a central role.
The Centro Ciência Viva de Estremoz and Ad Ruina Patrimonium have the pleasure to promote a unique experience that intends to become an obligatory event not only in the city of Estremoz but also in the entire Alentejo region.

Dare to time travel with us!

Ad Ruina - Nuno Mourinha e Vasco Abegoaria